​​​​That's the RIGHT question to ask.  After all, most loans are 15-30 years contracts so you need to know who you are dealing with BEFORE you sign on the dotted line. Get your Free LoanFax CIA (Company Investigation Analysis) Report and you'll find out if your lender has a history of predatory lending and/or complaints. LoanFax uses a variety of sources including the D.R.E. (Dept of Real Estate); D.F.I. (Dept of Financial Institutions); The BBB (Better Business Bureau) and others to create our reports so you can make an informed decision.  

How do I choose the right Home Improvement or Solar Company?

Getting a CIA Report on a Lender; Home Improvement or Solar Company is FREE and EASY to get, just go to our contact page, fill it out and note the Company name and the City/State of the Lender; Home Improvement or Solar Company you want a report on and within 24 hours, you will get a custom report detailing their complete history so you'll know of any complaints they might have "swept under the rug".   But the can't hide from Loanfax, because besides all the Government and Private sources we research, we even look under the rug! 

​So Don't Get Ripped Off....GET INFORMED! 

How do I know which lender to use?

It's hard to tell from a company's flyer, website or the persuasiv words of a crafty salesperson whether the company is ethical. More than most any other industry, Home Improvement and Solar Companies have a reputation of taking advantage of homeowners. That's why LoanFax offers Free CIA Reports for these types of companies too. We verify their licensing; research the Dept. of Building & Safety; Dept Of Corporations; Dunn & Bradstreet and the BBB (Better Business Bureau)